Amber (phoenix_amber) wrote in hphumor,

Haunted Halloween Challenge

Imagine Hogwarts with vampires, werewolves and ghosts... okay, maybe more vampires, werewolves and ghosts... or at least really funny ones. Welcome to the Haunted Halloween Challenge!

As part of Phoenix Rising’s fabulous showcase of the Harry Potter fandom (the main feature of which is Artists and Authors Night), we are co-presenting a series of challenges across our incredible fandom. hphumor, tickle_me_harry, and Phoenix Rising will come together for this one special month to present you with the funniest fanfiction challenge this side of Halloween.

On to the details…

The contest will run from October 1st until October 31st, and the winner will be selected by a panel of judges on November 7th. The winner will receive a $25 LiveJournal gift certificate provided by Phoenix Rising. Obviously, no Phoenix Rising, hphumor, or tickle_me_harry staff will be allowed to participate; this is all for you guys!

The rules are fairly straightforward, but they are essential and breaking any one of them may cause your fic to be disqualified.

1. This is a fanfiction contest
2. NC-17 material is not allowed, but all ratings R and below will be allowed.
3. Your entry must be original to you. By submitting your entry, you represent and warrant that you are the author of all elements of your entry or, if you are not the author of one or more elements, that you have the right to use all elements of your entry.
4. All pairings are accepted.
5. Stories must be submitted with the following format:
a. Title:
b. Author:
c. Rating:
d. Pairing(s):
e. Warnings & Disclaimer:
f. Summary:
6. Fics must be entered by October 31, 2006 at 11:59 PM (Eastern).

You may enter your fic posting it to either hphumor (if you are a member) or tickle_me_harry with “Haunted Halloween Challenge” in the subject line of your post or by e-mailing your entry to If you have any questions you can contact me, also at
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