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Let the slashing begin!

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A hilarious Harry Potter fanfiction/fanart archive
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Ladies, gentlemen, rabid fangirls, and flaming fanboys:

The creators of The Very Secret LiveJournals, Dragon Tamer, Seven Days, and The Veela Enigma proudly present a fresh unplucked closed community dedicated to the shameless promotion of hysterical Harry Potter slash fanfiction and fanart: hphumor.

Members can post links to their own works, post a rec of their favorite works, post an entry for our challenges, or just say something that's bloody funny and related to the HP fandom. Best of all, this is a slash community where all SHIPS are supported (even an occasional het pairing... so long as it's occasional).

This community was cofounded by arrmaitee and jennavere. As active fanfiction authors ourselves, we wanted to create an exclusive environment where talented writers and artists would be inspired to raise the bar and challenge themselves to create extremely funny Harry Potter fanfiction and fanart.


Everyone is encouraged to friend this community and read and comment on the posts made. There will be no friends-locked posts so, regardless of whether or not you are a member, you will have access to read and comment on all posts.


hphumor is a closed community. Membership is available by invitation or application only. All members are encouraged to recommend other talented authors or artists for consideration for membership. If you are a talented writer or artist and you haven't received an invitation, it is probably because the Mods haven't read/seen your work. So feel free to apply for membership.

Prospective applicants should contact arrmaitee at arrmaitee@gmail.com for information about the submission process. Applicants should be prepared to submit a sample of their humorous writing or art for consideration. If membership is approved, entries can then be posted on this site.

Ministerial Crap:

1) Please post fanfics or fanart behind an lj cut. All R or NC-17 rated works MUST be posted behind an lj-cut, even if they are very short.

2) Please do not post fics with “Mary Sue” Original Characters unless: (i) you're parodying them, or (ii) you wouldn't mind the Mods flaming your work on deleterius.

3) Please have someone beta read your work and please spell check your comments. Itt’s realy is anoyin ta read ficcies that havith pore gramer n’ spelllin.

4) This is a "no flaming" community. However, we do encourage readers to post constructive criticism where appropriate.

5) No MPREG or Real Person Slash, please.

6) This community is intended for those over the legal age in their country. Posted works may include R and/or NC-17 rated slash and het pairings. Please read the ratings and warnings carefully.

7) Your Mods are: arrmaitee, jennavere, daylyn, and pirate_chick69. We know there's a lot of us, but we travel in groups and breed.

Happy posting,

The HPhumor Mods


If you are looking for more hilarious fanfiction, check out tickle_me_harry.

hphumor is a proud partner of The Phoenix Rising, a Harry Potter Symposium.

Phoenix Rising

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